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Acquia Marketing is a unified cloud-based solution that unlocks the value of data and content so organizations can rapidly create new digital experiences. It helps marketers overcome disjointed marketing with its data-first approach. Built on the foundation of unified customer intelligence, Acquia Marketing Cloud enables businesses automate multi-channel communications at scale, while driving MarTech ROI.

Acquia Cloud Highlights

Innovation-First Approach

A fully managed Drupal hosting solution takes care of selecting, deploying and maintaining a Drupal-optimized platform.

Guaranteed Performance

99.95% uptime SLA, embedded tools and features to monitor, debug and optimize application performance.


Ensures the fastest way to build, update and centralize multiple Drupal websites at a global level.


Round-the-clock access to Acquia’s world-class Drupal application support, across all time zones and seven languages.


Powerful and easy-to-use tools that quickly enable website building and development with automated workflows and Dev-Stage-Prod environments out of the box

Streamlined Compliance

Comprehensive compliance portfolio for industry-specific audits and certifications, including PCI-DSS, HIPAA, FedRamp, Privacy Shield, GDPR, SOC and ISO 27001

Support for Drupal and Decoupled Drupal

Built-in support for Node.js, same platform to create back-end applications and server-side rendered front-end applications.

A Drupal-Optimized Platform

High-availability elastic cloud resources with configuration management, monitoring, optimization and caching built-in with Acquia Cloud Edge.

Our Acquia Cloud Capabilities


Overcome silos in personalization and build omnichannel journeys with multilingual support across digital portfolio.

Customer Data Platform

Offer a more accurate view of your customers to your teams to build unified CX with a configurable, scalable and self-service framework for marketing analytics.

Site Studio

Build and deliver exceptional CX by creating web pages and micro sites using low-code and ready-to- use component library.

Site Factory

Manage single or multiple sites using Acquia in-build
CI/CD pipeline.


Drupal Managed Cloud

Future-Ready Drupal

Marketer Friendly

Quick Site Launch

Highly Customizable

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