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Oneweb is a multi-site, multi-brand management solution curated by Altudo to offer personalized user experience in a unified manner. We follow the approach similar to building a house – it first lays down a foundation of platforms, tools, and third-party technology integrations. Then it builds a feature set on this foundation, and lays the brand experience on top.

We help businesses realize ROI with a high degree of reusability and streamlined operations using Drupal multi-site solution. Here is what businesses will get in OneWeb:

  • Component-based UX and UI design​
  • Pluggable and reusable themes
  • Decoupled architecture​
  • Reusable components​
  • Development approach (base component library, marketing feature support, reusability)
  • Optional content authoring helpers (validations, batch workflow management)​

How Can We Achieve OneWeb?

Time to Market

Speed up time-to-market with self-service and turn-key marketing operations.

Multisite Setup

Ability to serve and support multiple brands/business units at scale.

Unique Brand Experience

Consistent and standardized experiences with flexibility to deliver unique brand experience.

Unified Governance

Unified governance of content operations to allow business units to deliver content at scale.

Multisite Migration

Migration of websites to a centralized platform with reduced maintenance costs.

Centralized Delivery

Support for multiple geographic regions with a centralized delivery model.

OneWeb - Multi-Site, Multi-Brand Management Solution

Managing a Multibrand company is not easy, especially in a digital-first world. To maintain brand consistency, content security, and micro-site management, companies need a fix like OneWeb.

Highlights of Drupal OneWeb

Speed to Market

Ability to launch new websites, microsites, page templates without dependency on developer operations.

Extensible Web Toolkit

Global component library that is highly modular and allows ease of personalization.


Multi-brand, multi-site and multi-lingual support with pluggable themes.

High Reusability

Do Once, Use Many principle. Target 90% reusability with 10% net new feature development in the future.

Optimized for web

Responsive design with asset optimization and robust SEO support. Support for mobile-first indexing with AMP pages.

Data Privacy & Compliance

GDPR and accessibility compliance with WCAG 2.1 AA standard.


Movement from separate content workflow models to a single global governance with the scheduling option.

Future Proof

Best –of-breed architecture supporting seamless future Drupal upgrades and frameworks with headless capabilities

What Altudo Offers Under OneWeb?


Our Approach

Discover & Strategy

We will identify the hosting environment, define strategy for site setup and deployment, identify websites with similar audience and goals with redundant features and common branding.


We help you setup Acquia environment for each website, make necessary changes for multi-site setup, move redundant features/modules in central location and keep site-specific features under respective folders.


We test the website(s) for consistency in user experience, improved performance and security with failover mechanism.


Releasing of new Drupal websites will go through UAT approval and finally get deployed on production environment manually or automated CI/CD.

Who will benefit from OneWeb?

Marketing Folks

  • Pre-built starter kit for website
  • High-reusability of content and components
  • Reduce time to market by 70%
  • Unique design and themes for each brand with CX standardization across channels
  • Micro sites and campaign landing pages built in days as opposed to weeks
  • Build on the most modern and scalable CMS framework

IT and Technology Folks

  • 100 ready-to-go website components
  • Build once and use multiple times across brands and websites
  • Reduce development cost by 80%
  • Execute a standard global governance and security infrastructure
  • Launch websites with built-in compliance, that’s standard for all channels
  • Save effort and cost on repeated compliance testing with each website

Want to discuss more ?

Let us know your challenges and our experts will get back for a 1:1 discussion within 24 hours.

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