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Now more than ever, people need fast, relevant answers to questions!

Not being able to find appropriate information is a typical cause of frustration for both customers and employees. For customers, poor online search results in shopping cart abandonment, and for employees, searching across many repositories leads to an adverse employee experience.

With Altudo’s Enterprise Search & Insights services, we help business get meaningful experiences, actionable recommendations, and smarter decision making across employees and customers. We directly address challenges such as:

  • Diverse data scattered across disparate content sources.
  • Impersonal results, missing intent and lacking intuitiveness.
  • Fragmented processes and development approaches.

We power Enterprise Search and Insights through AI technologies like NLP, NLU and ML. We can also integrate it with our Digital Workplace and Content Management offerings, to provide a seamless experience to search for documents, people, blogs, knowledge articles, and more. 

What Enterprise Search and Insights do we offer?

Meaningful experiences, actionable recommendations and smarter decision making across employees and customers.

What kind of support do we offer for Enterprise Search and Insights?

Advisory and consulting services

  • Information architecture definition.
  • Enterprise search architecture and solution blueprinting.
  • Search and insight platform evaluation.
  • Search portfolio rationalization and consolidation.
  • Health check and recommendation.

Implementation / Engineering services

  • Design & architect search/analytics rich platform.
  • Search service development using Coveo, Solr, Searchstax, Sinequa, etc.
  • Search platform configuration.
  • Ontology engineering.
  • Knowledge management system development.

Integration Services

  • Integration of search platforms with DXP platforms (Sitecore, Acquia, etc).
  • Integration with Salesforce.
  • Integration with ServiceNow.
  • Integration with Digital Workplace platforms like MS Teams, O365, etc.

Managed Services

  • Managed Services
  • L2/L3 application support.
  • Incident management.
  • Problem management.

Migration and Transformation Services

  • Migration from legacy platforms (like Endeca, Google Appliance), older versions.
  • Personalized recommendations
  • Campaigns through customer segment identification
  • Market intelligence
  • Cross/up sell insights

What Are Some Prominent Use Cases for Enterprise Search & Insights?

Life Science and Pharma

  • Establish experts network
  • Biostatistician search
  • Drug regulatory finder
  • Patient set identification for drug trails
  • Health, Treatment and risk recommendations
  • Post-marketing surveillance

Banking and Financials

  • 360 degree customer insights
  • Customer grievance analytics
  • Fraud analytics and warning
  • Risk and investments trend predictions contract analysis


  • Plan/Policy recommendations
  • Quotes generation analytics
  • Claims fraud detection
  • Real time credit monitoring
  • Chat assisted policy enrollments

Education and Publishing

  • Immersive and personalized learning
  • Students analytics for content
  • Content curation
  • Effortless learning by interlinking
  • Distant reading

Retail and Consumer Goods

  • Website/Application search
  • Personalized recommendations
  • Campaigns through customer segment identification
  • Market intelligence
  • Cross/up sell insights

Manufacturing, Energy and Utilities

  • Contact Center
  • Demand and service request analysis
  • Inventory status tracking
  • Diagnosis and predictive maintenance
  • Performance and service analytics

What platforms do we use to support Enterprise Search & Insights?


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