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Google’s sunsetting Universal Analytics. There’s never been a better time to explore a Google Analytics (GA4) Implementation.

GA4 is a cross-platform analytics solution that combines data from both the website and apps. It allows you to track traffic and engagement in a centralized manner. The GA4 setup introduces new, more sophisticated metrics, and more powerful analyst tools and integrations. This implies the ability to deal with a larger audience for marketing campaigns and to break them into more granular segments.

With GA4 Migration, you can change the way information is shown so that it focuses on users – specifically, the customer journey from the first visit to ultimate conversion. With this Google Analytics Strategy, you can update, adjust, and fine-tune the way events are monitored without needing to edit on-site code.

So now is the time to make GA4 your cross-platform Analytics solution.

Migrate from Universal Analytics to GA4!

Google has stated that Universal Analytics will be phased out on July 1, 2023. For 360 accounts, it will phase out on Oct 1, 2023.


What is the new Google Analytics 4?

With the evolution of the digital landscape, the technique in which individuals are using web analytics and the data that organizations really have to track has changed significantly. Because of all these developments, Universal Analytics has gotten to the point where it can no longer live up to all that companies want from it. That is why Google announced its GA4 version.

There are fundamental differences in Google Analytics Strategy that both platforms follow. This means there are differences in data collection, structure, UI/UX, and more.

Google Universal Analytics

  • Universal Analytics property mostly measures page views or visits.
  • Measures existing user behavior from your website and provides you with insights on a timely basis.

Google Analytics 4

  • GA4 recognizes that there is much more going on your site than webpages being fetched in a specific sequence
  • GA4 measures adequate data to have a representative sample of your audience large enough to forecast the specific behaviors you're attempting to analyze

How can GA4 benefit you?

GA4’s reliable and omnichannel web analytics data can help marketers in

Optimizing and
Tracking of Marketing

Finding the Right Target Audience and its Capitalization

Improving and Optimizing Website journeys and Web Services

Optimizing conversion rates and tracking business and marketing goals online

Some highlights of how Altudo approaches GA4 implementation?



Our business users
and the analytics
team work to develop the requirements and Measurement

Identifying Technical Requirements

Our analytics team and developers identify technical requirements to make sure the right data is collected and processed.

identifying Reporting Requirements

Our analytics team works with businesses to identify Reporting requirements, which will facilitate dashboard creation and reporting configuration.

Identifying New Opportunities

Our developers communicate with teams to identify new measurement and marketing opportunities ongoing with the site.

What else can you get from your GA4 Consulting?

Unfortunately, unlike the first Universal Analytics upgrade, GA4 migration is not a straightforward transfer. It is not as simple as altering the code and going about your business as normal. There are significant improvements in functionality as well as how you obtain reports and examine the data that GA4 collects.

If you think it might be challenging for you to handle GA4 migration on your own, you can explore partners like us who provide GA4 Consulting.

Here’s what all we can talk about:

Google Analytics Strategy

Google Analytics Audit

Tag Management Quality Assurance

Google Analytics QA & Reporting

Google Tag Manager Migration

Google Analytics Dashboard

Tag Management Governance

Let's understand end-to-end GA4 analytics now!

Let us know your challenges and our experts will get back for a 1:1 discussion within 24 hours.


What is Google Analytics 4 or GA4?

GA4 is an analytics platform that enables you to measure traffic and engagement across your websites and apps.

How do you enable google analytics 4?

In your Google Universal Analytics account, you can go to the property section, click GA4 Setup Assistant. Once you do this, you start your journey for GA4 migration, and moving your entire setup to the upgraded platform.

When did google analytics 4 come out?

As of October 14, 2020, GA4 has been the default for when you create a new property.

Does google analytics 4 cost?

No, it's free! Just like Universal Analytics was.

What are the differences between universal analytics and google analytics 4?

There are various fundamental differences between universal analytics and GA4, with the first one being how they compute the data. For a more detailed dive into the differences, you can set up a call with our experts.

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