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Ecommerce landscape is evolving at lightning speed and customers want the best experience every single time. We help clients transform their business on Magento. As Global Adobe Partners, we guide our clients to plan, strategize, & implement personalization, custom development, third-party integration & much more all leading to a secure and enhanced customer experience. Our team helps businesses streamline workflows with actionable insights through effective reporting and analytics.



Lack of in house technical expertise to understand, customize, integrate with other platforms & scale websites on Magento


Lack of manpower to support - optimize Ecommerce store & plan proactively for future needs


Inexperienced or insufficient staff to make timely audits, health checks, improve operational efficiency.

24X7 Reliability

Inability to monitor high-value, critical production environments & deployments in real time


Inability to take corrective measures for insufficient deployment, optimize workflows to suit your needs.

Seamless Operations

Inability to optimize workflows, remove silos, integrating your martech stack & ensuring alignment with measureable outcomes

Managed Services

Monitoring & Outage Recovery

Ensure 100% uptime for your website via regular performance check, optimization, and reporting through analytics. Get access to emergency support during outages and laid down protocols for Disaster Recovery.


Pro-active and preventive approach to make sure your systems are running smoothly and any hidden issues are fixed with no downtime.


Get valuable insights from multiple data sources to ensure informed decisions for the customers and expedite business growth.

Implementation and Migration

Bring your Magento platform to life through our implementation and migration frameworks. Have confidence in migrating from another platform or version of Magento.

Advanced Integration

Smoothly connect Magento with your existing MarTech stack to ensure superior CX across all customer touchpoints enhancing your existing technology stack.


Avail best-in class and real-time support from our experts for all Magento concerns, including bug fixes, security patches, outage recovery and more.

Our Offerings

With our Bronze, Silver & Gold Support plans, get industry best ROI to get your Magento store future ready. Our plans are not just cost effective but also customer centric. We offer upto 240 hours of support per month with 24*7 availability and quickest turn-around-time for critical issues. We can also provide custom packages for specific needs. Get in touch with our Magento experts to learn more.


Capacity & Availability

  • 240 hrs./month


Capacity & Availability

  • 160 hrs./month


Capacity & Availability

  • 80 hrs./month

Outcomes Leading Towards ROI

Reliability and Availability with cloud

Lower operational costs & offshore support centres

Auotmated & Optimized Delivery

24/7 support & reliable coverage

Our USPs
Offshore, Onshore & Nearshore Delivery Models
15+ years of experience on Magento
Cross-Industry Expertise

Altudo at a Glance

years of experience in Magento

Deep Magento Expertise

Fortune 500 Clients

Trusted By Top Brands

Awards Worldwide

Recognized By The Experts

NPS since the last 5 years

Magento Services

Magento SME’s

Extensive Experience

Connect with us

Get in touch with our in-house Magento Experts to unleash the full potential of your Magento store.

Expert Workshops

Free workshops, expert advice & demos- to help your realize value with Sitecore


Session Presentations

  • Sitecore + SFMC= Marketing Success
  • Transforming The Future Of eCommerce
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