Path to Personalization framework is our structured workshop and delivery offering designed to quickly harness the marketing potential of the Sitecore Experience Platform.

Our “business first”, and “quick win” philosophy is designed to rapidly enable marketing optimization using Sitecore.

We help you realize the true potential of Sitecore & help you create a Path to Personalization

Turbocharge your efforts to personalization

Align business goals to brand orchestration across channels

Convert engagement to measurable outcomes

Understand customer needs, leverage engagement analytics

Our Approach


How we do it

Business Alignment

  • The Business & Marketing ROI Analysis Workshop aligns CX capabilities with key business and marketing strategy
  • Outcomes: Analytics, profiles & personas and digital transformation roadmaps

Engagement Analytics

  • Brainstorming digital goals which will help achieve marketing objectives
  • Leveraging Sitecore to immediately begin gathering actionable visitor engagement data & drive personalization

Rules Based Personalization

  • Realizing your digital fingerprint - the lowest hanging marketing fruit
  • Identifying most relevant opportunities to personalize & where to enable with greatest business impact & minimal configuration

Customer Profiling & Predictive Personalization

  • Defining relevant profiles and predictive personalization opportunities
  • Uncovering Customer Profiles and the Digital Relevancy Map (Customer Journey) for major revenue generating profiles

A/B Testing

  • Defining relevant A/B, Multivariate and page test hypotheses’, surfaces where to test and indicates anticipated outcomes
  • Optimizing CTAs, key conversion opportunities to achieve the best optimization outcomes

Speak to us for a no-obligation virtual workshop on how to:

Create a roadmap to turbocharge your CX

Be agile with personalization initiatives

Start getting measurable outcomes in 30 days!

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  • Transforming The Future Of eCommerce
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