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A fast-loading site builds a great first impression on a visitor. However, even a single slow loading page can cost you a potential customer. Business owners dealing with slow loading sites have a hard time understanding the technical mumbo jumbo and identifying the root cause. Ignoring it was never an option and now that Google’s latest algorithm update marks page speed as an essential SEO ranking factor, it's high time to optimize your site for fast loading. If you’re one of those business owners, our solution is here to make your site lightning fast.

Web page optimization helps you optimize your website for better interactivity, visual stability and responsiveness. We analyze your site’s scores for Core Web Vitals like First Contentful Paint (FCP), Cumulative Layout Shift (CLS), Largest Contentful Paint (LCP). With essential research, recommendation and optimization, we make your website performance faster and smoother than ever before for all devices!

Our Offerings

Identification and Analysis of Crucial Website Pages

We identify and monitor the performance of every business-critical and most-viewed page using tools like Page Speed Insights for desktop and mobile.

Conducting Research to Validate Opportunities

We dive deep into the technical aspects to identify issues related to site’s speed and performance and come up with sustainable solutions that can make it better.

Experimenting to Enhance

Core Web Vitals Scores We carry out multiple experiments to find the best ways possible to achieve good core web vitals score for every page of the website.

Offering Recommendations for Better Site Performance

We present all the possible and relevant solutions after the experiment phase as recommendations for a better performing site that eliminates threats like high bounce rate. 

Implementing Recommendations

We choose the best fitting solution and implement the same to solve various issues like page load speed, layout shifts, image load time and fix them to achieve consistency.

Validating Page Speed Scores to Verify Results

We aren’t done till we reexamine the site performance by monitoring the Page Speed scores for page speed and keep on optimizing till we achieve a convincing score.

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