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B2B & B2C Commerce personalization is no longer an option. It’s a necessity. Do customers leave your B2B & B2C commerce site? How can you increase your site’s findability and offer relevant content? What is the best way to offer personalization in B2B commerce? How do you ensure you provide the Right Content and Right Product at the Right Time? How do you increase your online traffic resulting in increased online revenue? How do you ensure you provide stickiness? If you’ve any of these questions, we’re here to help you transform your B2B & B2C commerce business with a blend of technology and innovation.

While personalization is no longer a buzzword in the commerce world, B2B commerce still has a long way to go. We help you identify major areas of concern including lack of findability, personalization, human-centric approach and content-rich portals. Smart Shops offers a sustainable solution that prioritizes customer experience and conveniences them to visit again frequently.

Our Offerings

Intent-Driven Methodology

We help you drive acquisition traffic by conducting essential competitive and search analysis along with understanding personas to prepare intent-based journeys.

Content to Commerce

Ensure that you deliver the right product and right content at the right time for successful outcomes.

Human Centric Approach

We gather 1st party behavioral intelligence data to ensure that our UX and functionality aligns with the customer intent perfectly for a simplified and relevant experience.

B2B to B2Me

We help you close deals faster with ‘Digital Deal Rooms’ where B2B sales decision makers can collect buying signals and customer intelligence to determine the deal’s progress.

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