Dentons Revamps Brand Websites to Create Immersive Personalized Experiences



Dentons is a Polycentric law firm that ranks amongst the world’s most profitable law brands. Operational in 75 countries, it functions via its 183 offices and 10,000+ lawyers. Dentons uses more than 15 microsites in 8 languages to communicate with their prospective customers by sharing valuable insights, news, recognitions, articles, etc.



  • In 2013, SNR Denton, Salans, and Fraser Milner Casgrain merged – to form Dentons. The client wanted to build a highly engaging user-experience-driven website to tap into the immense potential of their brand.
  • Create and improve on reputation building among the user base by showcasing thought leadership, and thereby attract the brightest talent.
  • The client uses more than 15 microsites in 8 languages, where they share a large volume of content, including insights, lawyer profiles, news, recognitions, articles, and more.
  • With such a scale, a large volume of content and different media types brought problems to website performance and scalability. Dentons wanted a powerful technology platform to support it and keep it running smoothly.
  • With a wide variety of people sharing content on these various sites, they needed an omnichannel delivery system that could accommodate all the work being produced by their people.
  • Creating a robust and scalable content architecture to support content migration from legacy sources.
  • Optimize the website for mobile devices and SEO with improved navigation through the website to enhance the overall user experience. They wanted to make their content easy to access for their audience.

How We Helped

Our team of experts worked closely with Denton’s team on their challenges and helped them find technological solutions that align them with their business objectives.

Website Revamp: We helped the client improve their CX by implementing key design and architectural changes. We developed a multi-lingual, multi-regional website that supports business development and client engagement.

This involved designing frameworks for reusable templates, media types for the rapid scaling of their content marketing efforts. The new workflows enabled the client to take their brand messaging to market faster, engage-convert website visitors, and enhance their CX with seamless website experience.

Personalized and Relevant Experiences: We worked on the website’s search capabilities and revised its categorization. Besides, their people search is updated with a new search engine logic, which is now implemented in all languages along with layout tweaks for better user experience.

Reduced Friction, Improved User Search: Their website is optimized with capabilities such as autosuggestion, facet search, Boosted results, and blurb implementation. Our experts also upgraded the logic of search from .net code to Angular JS implementation that eventually increased the site’s performance in searches.

Improved Content Architecture: Leveraging Sitecore architecture and Solr integration, we revamped Denton’s content architecture to facilitate the content editors and improve workflows. Empowered the business support staff to create and publish content across digital channels easily.

Scalable, Reusable Frameworks: We enabled the intellectual property and reusable framework for cost efficiency and time-saving.

Aligning Experiences with Customer Journeys: We helped the client drive personalized experience by aligning their content to multiple customer touchpoints. Their content library was now better suited to accommodate multiple media formats and provide quick, relevant results to user queries. Their customers can now find information, bios on their lawyers, articles and high-value content quicker. Their team can now track, analyze and orchestrate personalization campaigns at scale.



Improved Site Engagement:

  • Bounce Rate reduced by 8%
  • Average time on site enhanced by 13%
  • Improved returning traffic by 16%
  • 20% improvement in form conversions
  • 22% improvement in the share of traffic from social media

Improved website experience and seamless CX
Future-ready and scalable digital architecture

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