How Altudo Helped Sagicor Transform a Legacy Ecosystem for Improved Digital Engagement


About Sagicor

Sagicor Financial Corporation has a 175+year long history of operations in Latin America and the Caribbean region, dating back to 1840. In fact, Sagicor Bank is the third-largest commercial bank in Jamaica with the vision to improve the lives of people in the community in which it operates.


As a full-service financial institution, Sagicor offers banking, investments, life & health insurance, pensions, and real estate services, with an outstanding history and reputation for leading innovation.

Sagicor’s digital team recognized the need for generating high-quality leads and acquiring new customers. Most of the Sagicor accounts had minimal audiences and were difficult to manage. The social tool that the team used at the time had weak listening capabilities that left the brand vulnerable to crises, and many of the customer experience channels were not monitored or managed consistently.

On top of this, the team lacked in delivering a seamless digital experience to serve the millennial customer base and struggled to offer appropriate support, mobile experiences, and drive 1:1 personalization to its customers. Also, the content management processes, workflows, and operations were completely unclear, almost like driving in the fog.

Sagicor was finding trouble in delivering layered, contextual & personalized content that is intuitive to discover & easy to consume, to the relevant customer base. They needed a transition from legacy systems towards system & information architecture that meets their current needs.

To help Sagicor with all its concerns the first step was to adopt Altudo’s unified customer experience services, to refine their complex processes. We helped them with data analysis and consulting, in order to figure out where all the gaps in their current ecosystem lay. We helped Sagicor with Sitecore XP development based on Helix architecture & Azure PaaS. This led to a redesign of their data and information architecture. Further, we helped them with customer experience (CX) roadmap & user experience (UX) strategy.

Our team also streamlined customer care process for Sagicor. We helped set up digital brand development.

And governance across Data and Information Architecture. Our mobile-friendly intuitive design and SEO-friendly content gave Sagicor team a better fighting chance for findability online. We also set up a full view of all marketing collateral and implementation across various markets.

By integrating Google maps and Sitecore Geo-Location into Sagicor’s digital ecosystem, Altudo paved the way for proactive engagement with customers. We also implemented Sitecore XDB into their digital ecosystem, to help them create a 360-degree customer view by collecting and connecting data. Additionally, we assisted Sagicor with powerful search implementation using Azure search.

Altudo enabled a seamless digital transformation for Sagicor with 40% increase in their web traffic and significantly reduced bounce rate. Our offerings and services also helped Sagicor gain 90% of positive customer feedback. Sagicor has also experienced 34% increased leads generation from their website and over 60% reduced maintenance costs across multi-brand sites.




Sagicor envisioned transforming its online presence to generate more leads, acquire new customers, and offer exceptional services to the existing customer base. Their objectives were to:

  • Generating high quality leads and acquiring new customers.
  • Providing a seamless digital experience to serve a millennial customer base.
  • Providing mobile experience support and driving 1:1 personalization.
  • Improving content management processes, workflows and operations.
  • Transitioning from legacy systems towards system & information architecture that meets their current needs.

Our Solution

  • Offered data analysis and consulting.
  • Building a data and information architecture.
  • Building a digital brand development.
  • Sketching a CX roadmap & UX strategy.
  • Designing mobile-intuitive and SEO friendly content.
  • Developing Sitecore XP based on Helix architecture & Azure PaaS.
  • Accomplishing Sitecore XDB implementation.
  • Adding powerful search implementation using Azure search.
  • Integrating Google Maps and Sitecore geo-location.


  • 40% increase in web traffic
  • Significant reduction in bounce rate.
  • 34% increase in leads generation from website.
  • 90% positive customer feedback.
  • 60% reduction in maintenance cost across multi-brand sites.
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