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4 Personalization Levels for Brands to Ace Customer Maturity Ranking

4 Personalization Levels

Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine learning (ML) are no longer buzz words. They are already creating a revolution, across industries. Digital marketers are a bit behind in adopting AI and ML, but it is high time to catch up with the rest of the world.

One of the primary areas where AI and ML helps marketers is - providing 1:1 personalized experiences on websites. Only very few big players such as Netflix, Amazon and Spotify have revolutionized in this area.

However, the major reason marketers are not ready to implement personalization yet - they don’t know where to start, what to do and how to manage it. Here at Altudo (an edynamic company), we help our customers to get it started quickly and guide them along the way.

We analyze our customers’ current maturity level and help them with our programs like Time to Value, Revenue Engine and aML (Altudo’s Machine Learning framework).

When talking about personalization maturity, we rank our customer maturity level as Crawl, Walk, Run and Fly.

Here is a detailed pictorial representation of the maturity levels:


The initial stage of personalization is done by using User Contextual Data like users’ geolocation, campaigns which helped them visit the website, the time of visit, frequency of visit, and other such parameters. Our Sitecore customers achieve this CRAWL maturity level by using Sitecore’s OOTB rules.

The next stage of personalization is done by using Customer Brand Values & Goals like persona, profiles, pattern card, user engagement values etc. Sitecore customers achieve this WALK maturity level by using the xDB data. Altudo helps the Sitecore customer to reach this maturity level within 30 to 60 days, using our Time to Value workshop and implementation.

The Advanced Personalization Handbook

The third level of personalization maturity is achieved by Cross Channel Data. This matured personalization is done by using the MAP/CRM data, social media content, other website content like purchase history from ecommerce sites etc. Our Sitecore customers achieve this RUN maturity level, by using power of xConnect’s single view of customer. Altudo’s Revenue Engine Framework helps our Sitecore customers to get started with Cross Channel Personalization.

The final maturity level is achieved by using machine learning capabilities. When the customer has achieved this maturity level, they should be able to provide 1:1 personalization to the customers. It helps marketers to identify new segments of users and also automate the entire personalization process. This FLY maturity level can be achieved by aML framework, but Altudo and Cortex will also play a huge role when it is released.

The final word for marketers - providing 1:1 personalization is no longer a big player’s game. Get started today and Altudo can surely help you in this journey.

Sathish Balakrishnan VP-Technology and Delivery

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