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9 Features that make Sitecore the best fit for Law Firms

Law firm’s website(s) rides on content – be it the information regarding attorneys or the cases and sectors that they are working on. These sites require frequent content updates and hence it’s integral to have a comprehensive content management solution that provides automated capabilities to help you mitigate risk and proactively collaborate on demand.

Sitecore helps law firms and corporate legal departments to improve productivity and enhance client service by managing electronic content intuitively and conveniently. Sitecore is globally recognized for content management and it comes as no surprise that Gartner positions Sitecore as the leader in the Magic Quadrant for Web Content Management.

It’s recommended for law firms to start using an enterprise-ready CMS right at the beginning. What your business might not use today could be a crucial facet tomorrow.

Key benefits of Sitecore that help law firms drive the unparalleled business advantage are as under:

1. Content Management

Sitecore was designed with the guiding vision of making content management easier for the end user. Couple it witha simple user experience that makes it easy to maintain large amount of content in very organized way. Sitecore provides a rich interface for editing of content.

2. Multi-Lingual

Law firms operate across geographies and having a multi-lingual site helps their clients keep an update of the case scenarios. Sitecore provides a platform where multilingual websites can be managed efficiently.

3. Content Revision

Sitecore allows clients to maintain an integrated audit trail thus content versioning and content approval becomes very easy. The content approval process as represented in the figure below, follows a thorough workflow approval process. This is a handy feature which proves very beneficial for law firms as they require frequent updates in the file system w.r.t., case related facts, citations and legal references.

sitecore law firms


4. Personalization (Know every client)

The Sitecore experience profile provides you with complete visibility of every client interaction, this information is then communicated to attorneys in various practice areas. Eventually, attorneys receive direct and real-time notification of visitors who have needs related to their practice areas. This on-the-go update feature helps the legal team and clients stay informed on the critical privy information.


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5. Mobile Access

Sitecore allows collaboration through an innovative user interface thus enabling lawyers on the move to interact with their clients; find, edit and view documents. It also allows them to collaborate with colleagues and clients on smartphones and tablets. Sitecore digital asset management ensures easy access to the documents across every channel.

6. Multi / Micro Sites

Sitecore enables law firms to easily create and consolidate the microsites as per their requirement. A single Sitecore license can be used to manage multiple domains, sub-sites and microsites. This makes it easier for law firms to publish and share content. Furthermore, it allows site maintenance efforts to be streamlined and less time consuming.

7. Social Media

Sitecore enables integration across different modules like forums, newsletters, web forms, RSS feeds, blogs, surveys and social media feeds by delivering an exhaustive content experience to clients and legal firms alike.

8. Easy Search

Sitecore provides full-text search and intuitive navigation that enables law firms to have the information available to the end user in an easy manner. Sitecore provides powerful search mechanisms like lucene and solr which enable the facet search in a very fast way.

9. Multi-Device Support

Sitecore enables designing of websites for multiple devices like mobile, tablet etc. thus allowing information to be made easily available across the devices in a very effective manner.

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