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Creating Vertical-Focused Content for Account Based Marketing - Dos and Donts

Account Based Marketing

After determining the vertical focus for your company based on Part 1 of the blog series, it is now time to outline the content needed to engage your target prospects.

“75% of B2B customers prefer offers tailored to their needs” – Aberdeen Research

Content creation can seem like a herculean task. Many brands are trying to stay ahead of the technology curve and create content pertaining to the next big wave. Don’t get me wrong, creating content to be ahead of your competition is needed and beneficial. However, don’t forget to create content that is relevant to your clients’ and prospects’ needs.

Determining what content is relevant. Where to start?

Start by understanding the purchasing trends within a vertical. What services and products are common across the customer base?
Similar to choosing your top verticals, don’t simply select the top 3-5 products, based on sales. Here are some metrics that you may want to consider.

1) Margin of the product or service
2) Average order size with product or service
3) Average attachment sales
4) Average days of purchase after first order with the customer
5) Frequency of reorder

After collecting this data, determine your marketing objective. Since new client acquisition is a key marketing objective for most companies, we will use this as the example.
For customer acquisition, products or services that have the following characteristics should be considered. (These are examples, and your company or team may consider different metrics)

1) High frequency of inclusion in first purchase
2) High average order size
3) High average attachment sales


Gear Up for Business Uplift with Account Based Marketing

ABM Increases:

> Online Activity
> Number of New Contacts
> Overall Marketing Engagement

Based on the data, select at most - 3 products or services for content creation. Start with creating the following forms of content.

1) Blogs
a. Benefits of the product or service
b. Highlights of the product or service

2) Customer case studies (within chosen vertical)
a. Highlight the success of your clients using the product or service

3) Customer testimonials regarding product or services (within chosen vertical)

4) Whitepaper/Ebook

5) Webinar
a. Benefits of product
b. Success of clients

6) ‘How To’ guides – if relevant

7) Training materials

8) Company Value Proposition for vertical

The blog post outlines a guide to creating content for Account Based Marketing; each company may have different needs. Please let me know your thoughts and if there are areas that you may have enhanced with your process.

Our next blog post talks about “How to Amplify ABM with Data Augmentation”.

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