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5 Reasons Sitecore 10 is the Digital Experience Platform of Choice for Marketers


Today’s customers are looking for a smooth multi-channel experience to remember companies by. The company's website holds a crucial role in creating an impact in the customer's mind, when they start looking for products online.

As customers are looking for a company to give them personalized digital experiences, relying on legacy system or an older Sitecore version can only hold companies back from making the transition required. Customer journeys are now getting more complex than ever and adapting to this evolution is essential for growing companies.

Here are 5 reasons why Sitecore 10 should be your digital experience platform of choice as a marketer –


  1. Sitecore 10 stands for business efficiency –
    Sitecore’s latest version helps companies provide personalized customer experiences while increasing their control on content management and syndication with automation and agility. It helps the marketing team and IT team work with increased collaboration and ease, by delivering experiences in a fully-integrated Sitecore container.

    Sitecore installation also helps marketers make data-driven decisions about new customer experiences, and have a faster time-to-market with content items, applications, and any new feature they want to promote. Automated, personalized experiences improve customer retention, in turn increasing business efficiency.

  2. Sitecore 10 helps you create personalized digital experiences –
    Sitecore 10 helps businesses create an extensive customer profile by drawing out data from different channels, ultimately giving a single view of the customer's journey to the marketing team. It also enables marketers to syndicate massive amounts of digital assets to customers basis their attributes.

    Creating personalized digital experiences is the need of the hour and today's customers are looking for nothing less. Relying on Sitecore implementation gives you the ability to personalize digital experience based on session and device data for CMS-only configurations. It provides you the tools and efficiency you need to compete in the evolved market.

  3. Sitecore 10 helps in real-time data analysis –
    Gone are the days when companies had the time and money to wait for overnight updates for synchronized data. Sitecore 10 automates marketing by integrating directly with Salesforce Marketing Cloud and Microsoft Azure in real-time for accurate data analysis.

    It can help companies with content serialization, such that they can share the right content items with the right customers, at the right time. It also helps the marketing team access campaign responses, page visits and collect important insights like customer personas, such that they can optimize campaigns and content flow for maximum impact.

  4. Sitecore 10 helps you smoothen marketing activities –
    Sitecore 10 makes email creation easier by giving you options to pick from different email templates for faster and smoother communication. Its new marketing capabilities help you automate outreach such as birthday campaigns to connect better with customers. It gives you a chance to dive into deeper insights such as customer’s past purchases, website behavior, and content consumption, to enhance their digital experience.

  5. Figure 1. Smoothening the content management process with Sitecore 10

  6. Sitecore 10 is fast and secure –
    A 2020 report by IBM and the Ponemon Institute showed that, $3.86 million is the average cost for data breach. The improved GDPR & CCPA support (PII) in Sitecore 10 helps you meet data privacy regulations and effectively keep your customer’s data secure.

    With better console logging support, enhanced security policies and vulnerability scanning, companies can now access their customer’s data with full security. Integration with Salesforce Marketing and Azure Cloud helps companies deliver services beyond the limits of an on-premises data center, eliminating privacy breach threats.

Connecting Marketing and Tech Teams to Boost Profits

In today’s digitized world, companies are trying to deliver hyper-connected personalized user experiences to meet evolving customer expectations. Marketing teams must bring in the right processes and technologies to implement new strategies. This cannot be done without the IT departments.

Sitecore 10 is the perfect solution to bridge the gap between marketing and IT departments. With its seamless integration and easy migration, companies can now improve collaboration between departments with utter ease. Delivering enhanced digital experiences can only be possible by updating to the latest solutions and eliminating old, legacy systems.

If this doesn’t feed your curiosity and you wish to learn more about the Sitecore experience, write to us at We will connect you to our Sitecore-certified experts who can answer all your CX questions and guide you towards transforming your business for today’s global audience.

Prabhakar Kaushik Director Marketing, Altudo

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