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Elevate Digital Experience for Manufacturing Buyers with Atomic Content Strategy. Now!


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89% of B2B buyers are overwhelmed by the amount of quality content out there. Overload of information makes them reach a saturation point, reduces the value derived from each new piece of content, and leads to decision paralysis.

What can you, as a manufacturer, do to ensure your content actually helps your B2B buyers instead of contributing to the same overload of information? Optimize your content syndication with an Atomic Content Strategy. Now. Be responsive to supply chain disruptions by having content divided into Atoms it can be more easily rendered to reflect accurate updates on products directly from ERP and shop systems.

What is Atomic Content? Dynamically combining multiple small content assets to create more relevant marketing assets that specifically meet the needs of the buyers based on where in the buying process they are. It closely aligns the content you produce with the B2B buying journey and enables personalization of your marketing outreach at scale.

How to implement Atomic Content Strategy in the Manufacturing industry? Watch us for the webinar to find out.

In this webinar, we have discussed :

  • The evolution of Atomic Content
  • How Atomic Content enables efficient personalization at scale
  • What ROI to expect from an Atomic Content Strategy
  • Where Atomic Content Strategy fits on your Digital Roadmap


Radoj Glisik

SVP - Digital Strategy & Design

Radoj is a battle-tested CX, branding, marketing, and content strategy executive. He has delivered significant results in market research, new market entry, digital product strategy, information architecture, advertising, operational and process design, customer experience, and user testing.

Evan Nicoud

Innovation | Manufacturing Specialist

Evan Nicoud is an 18-year veteran of the enterprise technology space with a focus on B2B Manufacturing. He spent 4 years at Sitecore and a combined 5 years between EPiServer and Salesforce, before coming over to the services side of the house. Now he is able to bring his infused understanding of technology platforms, B2B buyer challenges, and complex content management integration to enable Manufacturing businesses to optimize Marketing and Sales processes.

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