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The New Normal with Smart Omnichannel Decision Engines

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Having a single digital marketing channel is a thing of the past for large brands. Those that are able to reach out across multiple channels effectively are rewarded with a growing digital mindshare, higher conversion rates, and a loyal customer base. The key to effectiveness is knowing the next best action on every channel at any point in time. Inevitably, these next best actions add up to seamless, meaningful, and efficient connected customer journeys.

In our previous webinar, we showed the benefits of a CDP and how “smart hub” platforms allow brands to activate their data to get a competitive edge. In this session, you will see what a real centralized connected omni-channel personalized experience looks like in a comparable world and how Sitecore Personalize makes it easy for marketers to start making sophisticated automated data-driven decisions that help understand and connect with customers.

In this session, we have explored:

  • Live demo of smart decisioning in a composable world
  • Understand the power of multifaceted omnichannel decisioning
  • Learn how the digital natives use decisioning and AI to gain a competitive advantage


Vasiliy Fomichev

Sr. Director, Solution Architecture, Altudo

Vasiliy has a strong passion for helping businesses grow and building innovative, creative, and productive teams. Result-driven, highly-effective digital technology practice director, visionary, radical, yet open-minded and people-focused leader specializing in delivering solutions with Sitecore Content Hub, Sitecore Experience Platform, Sitecore Experience Commerce, artificial intelligence, cloud, and Blockchain. 6x Sitecore MVP with over 12 years of experience.

Chris Haddad

Chris Haddad

Solution Engineer, Sitecore

Seeing is believing. I'll change your perception of the new normal with a live omnichannel demo of smart decisioning capabilities.

Prabhakar Kaushik

Director Marketing, Altudo

With 10 plus years of experience, Prabhakar is a certified marketing professional, expert in the areas of Marketing Research, Digital Marketing, Marketing Automation and Lead Generation. He also has an in-depth knowledge in areas of outbound marketing, marketing operations, ABM, marketing roadmaps, CRM, analytics and Salesforce to help organizations drive incremental sales, customer engagement, and loyalty. His knowledge and experience have helped Altudo transform marketing’s alignment with sales as well as achieve impact with inbound and outbound outreach activities. As per Prabhakar, “Marketing is the soul of every business and needs to be handled with great care.

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  • Sitecore + SFMC= Marketing Success
  • Transforming The Future Of eCommerce
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